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Buying a Home on Lake Hartwell

Reasons Why People Consider Lake Life: The lake life is a great life. Anyone who owns a home or property on or near a lake will back me up on that statement. From relaxing nights to fun-filled days spent on boats or in the water, it’s hard to imagine a property that offers more potential for fun than a lake house. If you are lucky enough to live next to the water, then you already know this is true. If you are considering Lake Hartwell lakefront property, consider the points below to help with your decision.

1. Easy Access to Fun on The Water

Buying a home near Lake Hartwell offers a ton of fun for the entire family. Properties with lake access for boats via docks, ramps or one of our several marinas make it easy to get on the water and enjoy a wide variety of watercraft. Those activities can include boating, fishing, sailing, kayaking and so much more.

Lake Hartwell Water View

Water-based recreation is even easier if your lake house has its own dock. Boat docks can be so much more than a place to store or tie up the boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak, though. Docks can boast some of the best family-friendly fishing opportunities for anglers of any age. If large enough and outfitted with the right accessories, they can also be perfect gathering spots for family, friends, neighbors or even just someone looking to relax next to the water.

Plus, if you take care of your boat dock and stay current on maintenance, your entire property could see a boost in value.

2. Living Near Water has Wellness Benefits

Being close to the water is shown to have many health and wellness benefits. There have been multiple studies that show this to be true. Water really does lower stress and anxiety, increases a person’s sense of well-being and happiness and lowers the heart and breathing rate. Research also shows that living near a body of water can provide a spark of creativity and allow for easier sleep. Why wouldn’t you want to live near a lake? It’s not only a relaxing life, but an invigorating one, as well.

3. More Privacy, Fewer People

A huge draw for buying a home on Lake Hartwell is the number of lakefront homes more off the beaten path, even on weekends that see a lot of use from vacationers and tourists. Lake Hartwell is a great example of this. There are many “fingers” to the lake. This means you can enjoy more privacy, quiet coves, and inlets too.

4. Relaxing, Peaceful Scenery

Nothing beats the peaceful serenity of a calm lake, especially during those photo-worthy moments at sunrise and sunset. The thing is though, if you live on the lake, then you can look forward to as many lakeside sunrises and sunsets as you want. You will have the luxury of putting down the camera and soaking in the relaxing scenery. But not to worry, there will

be other photo ops. From the star-lit skies at night, to the meticulously landscaped lawns of homeowners who care deeply for their properties, there are not many neighborhoods more beautiful than those found along the shores of Lake Hartwell. Even though the warm months are great for lake living, think about what the off-season has to offer when all the tourists are back in their home communities. That’s when your lakeside home, and the lake, becomes almost more like your personal sanctuary or getaway.

5. Lake Homes make for Great Gathering Spaces

Do you enjoy throwing get-togethers and parties that everyone looks forward to? There’s no better place than your Hartwell lake home. But this is not just for family and friends. Lakefront yards can be great for larger gatherings. Ever had a neighborhood block party on the dock? You can with a house next to the water.

When you’re on the lake, you can show your guests just how much fun is at their fingertips, including boating, fishing, bonfires and so much more.

6. Your Home is Valued at a Premium

As a Real Estate Expert on Lake Hartwell Lake Properties, I have firsthand knowledge of this. Those who are lucky enough to live on a lake know very well how highly their properties are valued. It’s an investment that almost always pays off if you are ever looking to sell in the

future. That’s because lakefront homes are limited in supply. There is only so much lakeshore to go around. True, there are some expenses that lakefront homeowners must face, but you can rest easily knowing your home – if well-maintained – is only going to increase in value.

7. Buying a Home on Lake Hartwell

So, if you are considering buying or selling a Lake Hartwell lake home, and have questions about what Lake Hartwell has to offer, please give me a call. I'd love to help!

Life is good at the lake.

Home on Lake Hartwell

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