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So You Want to Retire to Lake Hartwell?

Updated: Aug 5

As the population ages, the demand for senior housing options and assistance is on the rise. Many seniors want to retire to a special location like Lake Hartwell even. As someone over the age of 50, your needs aren't the same as a first-time homebuyer or seller. This is where a Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) comes in, providing valuable services to seniors looking to downsize or find a new home that better suits their needs. Whatever reason you may have for considering a move, you can depend on me as a certified SRES® to guide you through every part of the process.

Why work with me as a SRES®?

As an SRES, I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all aspects of your real estate transaction, including:

  • Helping you manage the financial and emotional process of selling a long-held family home.

  • Creating a customized plan to market and sell your property.

  • Understanding your unique needs and creating a customized plan to ensure your home meets those needs now and in the future.

  • Utilizing specialized knowledge in reverse mortgages, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs for your real estate transaction

  • Connecting you with movers, attorneys, home inspectors, and other experts to help you through the process.

Does your situation fit into any of these scenarios? I live in Hartwell, Georgia which borders beautiful Lake Hartwell. Let me help you discover how changing your living arrangements can be easier than you ever thought. Let me walk with you through this transition.

DebSellsForYou is a Senior Real Estate Specialist on Lake Hartwell
Senior Real Estate Specialist

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